Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

Personal Work - Mech Soldier Design for College UDK Game

Sci-Fi Football Suit - Will Smith

Will Smith Concept while watching the last game of the Super Bowl :)

Character Design 2 - Alien design for UDK Game

A alien character i designed for my portfolioand for UDK Project

Character Design - Mechsuit Captain

A Personal work for my colleges final project UDK Game

alien head concepts with dynamesh

alien head busts study

Head Sculpting practice

Head Study practice, took me about 1 hour to sculpt, 30min to texture and the retopo took about an hour aswell :)

Headstudies Part 2

some head sculpting i did in 1 and a half hours for each sculpt!

Head studies Part 1

 Here are some daily head doodles study, every day 3 heads for practice.