Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

head study bust in college (03-29-2012)

a one hour head study in college, made with dynamesh and textured with polypaint and spotlight! Did a retopo a while ago using it as my full body low res basemesh! Comments and critiques are more than welcomed.

Dienstag, 27. März 2012

College Character doodle for UDK Project

A one day character doodle with texturing - all made out of dynamesh expect the uzi was polymodelled in 3dsmax for a couple of months in the first week of 3d modelling. Will definently rerender, had some problems with Zbrush, would not let me render a high res image and no AO and shadow map. Hope you enjoy anyway. Comments and critiques are more than welcome.

Montag, 19. März 2012

sculpting study #22 dynamesh - during lunch break

another head doodle made in college during lunch break . Started out with a Dynamesh Sphere!

Freitag, 16. März 2012

Friday Night Character - WIP

Here is Friday Night Character Doodle, wanted to do a 3 day character special on the weekend, every day one character. Here is one, still not finished but will finish him as soon as possible.

Sonntag, 11. März 2012

skully study #1

another skull study, had a lot of fun and learned alot during the whole progress. sunday morning sculpting warmup. Comments and critics are more than welcomed.

Freitag, 9. März 2012

Head doodle friday night

Alright here is another 1hour speed sculpt and about 3hours sculpt of the whole, did it today in college the whole body.
Well I have to learn so much about Rendering and all that.. but hope you like the small presentation, did also some screenies from zbrush directly.
Comments are more than welcomed.
Best regards and happy sculpting,
- Kenny


Montag, 5. März 2012

Raptor College Sculpt

Here is my second attend doing a dinosaur. My reference was a velociraptor, but somehow he has the head of a bird kind of creature - just call it a hybrid raptor
Did this in college when we had a really cool zbrush mentor and we all had the task to sculpt a dinosaur. here is one interpretation :-)
Comments and critics are more than welcome.

Eat3D Tutorial - Character Production Weekend Study